Huawei Innovation Research Program

The Huawei Innovation Research Program (HIRP) provides funding opportunities to leading universities and research institutes conducting innovative research in communication technology, computer science, engineering, and related fields. HIRP seeks to identify and support world-class, full-time faculty members pursuing innovation of mutual interest. Outstanding HIRP winners may be invited to establish further long-term research collaboration with Huawei.

Our ongoing programs regularly solicit proposals for funding, either through an open submission process (HIRP OPEN) or by invitation (HIRP FLAGSHIP).Let Huawei help bring your innovative ideas into practice. HIRP enables you by providing:

  • Information regarding research needs and challenging problems from the frontier of the information and communications industry
  • Financial support for your research ideas
  • Opportunities to be a long-term research partner with the Huawei Global Advanced R&D Team
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HIRP OPEN is a 1-2 year award that supports contract-based innovation research with the amount ranging from USD 30,000 to USD 70,000. HIRP OPEN 2017 is coming now, and relevant subjects will be published on 15th May, 2017. Proposals for other innovative subjects are also welcome.


The HIRP FLAGSHIP program provides large and multi-year contract-based awards to support research that will significantly impact technology areas that are of mutual interest to both the academic community and Huawei. HIRP FLAGSHIP is announced periodically according to industry and technology developments.

Highlight of HIRP

We can learn a lot from Huawei’s product R&D team who are experts in their products. This gives me a solid angle about what is the real problem. If you don’t have some inputs from the real world, you can easily drip away.

Professor Vincent Lau Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

By working with Huawei, we realize we should not only focus on developing the newest and most advanced technologies but also ensure they can be applied in the real world and meet the market demands.

Professor Tao Jiang Huazhong University of Science and Technology

We have had a lot of freedom in terms of setting the research program. They said, “tell us what you think is the novelty”. Since the project started, they have become more prescriptive on what they want and when they want it delivered.

Dr. Filippo Fazi University of Southampton


Huawei 2016 Annual Report: Solid Growth and Sustained Investment in the Future

Huawei today released its audited financial results for 2016, reporting that its Carrier, Enterprise, and Consumer business groups (BGs) each achieved solid year-on-year growth. Group annual revenue was CNY521.6 billion (US$75.1 billion), an increase of 32% over 2015. Net profits were CNY37.1 billion (US$5.3 billion), an increase of 0.4%. In 2016, Huawei continued to invest in the future, with the company's annual spending on research and development reaching CNY76.4 billion (US$11 billion).

Telenor and Huawei Jointly Announce First 5G Demo in Norway

Telenor Group and Huawei jointly announced the first 5G based E-band1 multi-user MIMO2 demo in Norway this month. The maximum speed reached by the demo was 70Gbps. Furthermore, a Joint Desktop Study that will provide insights and learnings to identify necessary update steps from 4G to 5G technology in Telenor’s Network, will be operated through the Telenor and Huawei Joint Innovation Center.

Huawei Showcases Latest ICT Innovations with Partners at Hannover MESSE 2017

At Hannover MESSE 2017 which kicks off today, Huawei is showcasing its full suite of capabilities based on open platforms to drive digital transformation and unlock new opportunities for industrial enterprises.

HIRP team

Dr. Wen tong

Huawei Fellow

Head of Wireless Research and Head of Communications Technologies

Dr. Peiying Zhu

Huawei Fellow

Senior Director of Wireless Technology Lab Huawei Cananda

Dr. Ziang Hu

Huawei Fellow

Director of America Software Laboratory Huawei America

HIRP Around the World

Our worldwide offices provide end-to-end support for cooperation partners,please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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