Huawei Innovation Research Program


Huawei Innovation Research Program (HIRP) provides funding opportunities to leading universities and research institutes conducting innovative research in communication technology, computer science, engineering, and related fields. HIRP seeks to identify and support world-class, full-time faculty members pursuing innovation of mutual interest. Outstanding HIRP winners may be invited to establish further long-term research collaboration with Huawei.

Our ongoing programs regularly solicit proposals for funding through an open submission process.Let Huawei help bring your innovative ideas into practice. HIRP enables you by providing:

  • Information regarding research needs and challenging problems from the frontier of the information and communications industry

  • Financial support for your research ideas

  • Opportunities to be a long-term research partner with the Huawei Global Advanced R&D Team

Huawei Innovation Research Program

HIRP is a 1- 1.5 year award to support contract-based innovation research of world-class full-time faculty members at top universities around the world.Huawei issues an annual “HIRP Call for Proposals” that openly lists key topics of interest and solicits proposals for research subjects.There are four times HIRP release every year: one large-scale release before early of May,three small-scale release on Middle of June, August and October.

Through a formal review process by Huawei Technical Experts Group members and invited international distinguished scholars, selected proposals will receive financial support with the amount up to 70000USD for each subject.

Eligibility for Participation

Each applicant must be a full-time faculty members, research staffs, and post-docs at a a non-profit academic,university or research institution around the world We do not accept applications from professors on behalf of students or others not eligible to apply.

Applicant(s) shall submit proposals to Huawei for review and evaluation. Applicants shall confirm that no proprietary information has been submitted. Huawei will treat all information submitted in proposals as non-confidential and non-proprietary and use information and materials provided to conduct an internal review and evaluation. Huawei will have no obligation or liability with respect to all received information.

If Huawei selects and funds the proposal, the Research Project shall be performed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the HIRP Research Agreement.

All award payments and recipients will be reviewed for compliance with relevant Chinese and international laws, regulations and policies. Huawei reserves the right to withhold funding that may violate laws, regulations or our policies.

The information provided by you in the Registeration step is only for the purpose of Huawei's internal HIRP management. Please fill in the Registeration carefully before reading the following instructions, when you fill in the Registeration, it deemed to confirm that you provide us with your real personal information, and you authorize Huawei to use your information for the purposes of HIRP. Huawei will use the personal information you provide to us, protect your personal information on a global basis in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, to ensure that your personal information will not be compromised and unauthorized access.

Huawei will endeavor to retain your personal information only for the time period required for HIPR purposes.

Submission Guide

  • Issue HIRP subjects

  • Submit your proposal

  • Choose the best team

  • Reach an agreement

  • Sign Contract and Start the Project

  • Q : Can I send a file in another format besides MS word?

    A : Proposals are expected to be in English, in MS Word or PDF format and we have no request for pages of proposal. Please read the Guide page and Proposal Template carefully before applying for HIRP.

  • Q : Can I submit a joint proposal?

    A : Huawei does not accept joint proposals for the HIRP subject. Huawei welcomes joint research proposals and we could further to communicate to see how we set up possible collaboration.

  • Q : Can I submit a multi-year proposal?

    A : Huawei accepts 1-1.5 year proposal for the HIRP subject. Base on finished HIRP subject, Huawei and our partner could make more communication for further multi-year project with a joint consent by both sides.

  • Q : Can more than one researcher from my university submit a proposal?

    A : Yes. We look for more scholars to participate in the HIRP programs.

  • Q : How do I apply?

    A : Please refer to the Guide in this website, use the template and submit your proposal under the specific subject by entering Call for Proposals.

  • Q : I am a researcher not associated with a university or institute. Can I submit a proposal?

    A : Each applicant must be a full-time faculty members, research staffs, and post-docs at a non-profit academic, university or research institution around the world. We do not accept applications from professors on behalf of students or others not eligible to apply.

  • Q : I am an undergraduate/graduate student. Do I qualify for this plan?

    A : Each applicant must be a full-time faculty members, research staffs, and post-docs at a non-profit academic, university or research institution around the world. We do not accept applications from professors on behalf of students or others not eligible to apply. You are welcome to participate in the HIRP program by collaborating with your mentor.

  • Q : What happens if I need to make a change to my proposal after submission?

    A : If you need to modify your proposal after it has been submitted, you could log in our website to resubmit the modified proposal. Submission is closed after the deadline.

  • Q : What is the expected funding for one subject of HIRP?

    A : HIRP will provide the funding up to USD 70,000 for one subject.

  • Q : What is the IPR policy of HIRP?

    A : HIRP has the different IPR policy based on the specific subject. You could learn more information from subject document.

Contact US

If you have any questions, suggestions or complains about Huawei innovation research plan, please send Email to We will reply as soon as possible

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